Just received my B16!!!

I am so excited. I just received a 1st gen B16 with the factory LSD Y1 trans. I pulled the axle stubs off and looked through the void to verify that it is an LSD and then I noticed that it has LSD engraved on the top of the case as well. Very cool. I’ve had time to pull the valve cover and the motor looks clean. The cams have no visible wear, in fact they still have that purple-silver coating on them, which makes me think that it hasn’t been driven too hard. It still has a factory clutch as well, so I am hoping it is pretty low mileage. But I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help me answer.

  1. The TPS sensor is broken. Does the LS TPS fit?

  2. The motor is OBD so I can’t use the ECU or distributor. Does anyone know where I can trade these for OBD-1?

  3. Mobil 1 makes a synthetic gear lube that is LSD compatible but it seems like it may be too heavy, it’s like 75-90w. What fluid should I use?

  4. I’m thinking CTR pistons and am not sure for valvetrain. What do you think?

Thanks in advance for the help.


You don’t have to do anything to the valvetrain for pistons. I’m not sure if the CTR pistons will go right in w/ the current rods…probably will though.

you have to have a machine shop remove the old pistons from the rods and press the new ones on, they’ll also have to mill 1mm on the side of each rod at the wrist pin end so that the new pistons will fit. (i’m doing ctr’s right now and the block is going into the shop on monday)

if you have any other questions feel free to hit me up, i can give more specifics if necessary…

who’s really really creamin his pants cause the b16 is comin together :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help. I looked at my question again and it wasn’t very clear. I was wondering what type of cams, springs, etc that you would recommend for a budget. I was thinking CTR cams and hopefully use the stock valvetrain. What do you think?

might wanna get some ITR outer springs and portflow inner springs. it’s around $200-ish or so for the set at www.inlinefour.com and they’ll keep your valvetrain safe beyond the CTR cams’ powerband, which stops around 8500-8600 RPM’s…a stock b16 is around 8200…sure, the stock springs most likely would be okay, but better safe than sorry imho. :wink:

when your dun with your swap…tell me how well it runs?

yeah if you don’t mind waiting a couple months. :smiley:

where did you get your engine from? how much? What year teg do you have? I am looking to do the same thing into a 93. Do you only need sir2 ecu and distributor?

what about injectors, wiring harness?

Integracer–for the first question, www.hondamotorsonline.com is where i got my engine. your second question can be answered by not being lazy and looking at the site. :wink: your third question’s answer is 92. the rest of the questions can be answered by


I just finished reading the swap guide and then saw your reply. Thanks for the reply, I guess I should have read the guide before posting.

no sweat. good to know you’re smart enough to read up first before demanding answers. :wink:

(who gets that a lot on a couple other sites he frequents/adminstrates)

You need some ITR Springs and retainers? i got some Brand new never installed for $240. let me know.

The LS TPS will work fine. The way you swap it over is to take a Dremmel tool with the “cutting” blade and put a notch in the middle of each “rivet screw”. This will allow you to remove the TPS using a flathead screwdriver. Once you have it off, repeat it with the LS TPS and set the correct resistance on the TPS. It’s pretty easy. Best of luck.

hehe thanks tony, i’m workin on the bottom end for now, then the head goes in. Imma use ITR outers, Portflow inners, and portflow retainers, CTR / ITR combo for now. :wink:

Thanks with the help with the TPS and valvetrain issues. Does anyone know the answers to questions 2 and 3?