Just replaced my brake master cylinder

It only takes 10mins to swap it out, but if those brake lines are seized up, then it will take a couple of hours and two trips to the auto parts store to buy the right tool for the job. At least that was the case for me. I thought a regular 10mm open end wrench would work, but it started to round out. So, 1st trip to the auto parts store was for some liquid wrench and a set of “flare nut” wrenches. When these two things didn’t get it loose, I had to make another trip for a small set of lock pliers. Tighted that thing down and started to turn. Finally made that snapping sound and they were both finally loose. Swapped it out, fill it up, bled the brakes, and all is good now!!

Fixed the passenger water leak 3 weeks ago and fixed my brakes this weekend!!