just resoldered my climate control

…and it works perfectly now! out of the 28 solders prone to cracking (4 each for 7 buttons), 26 of them were visibly cracked. this has been the most useful tip for me on the site so far.

on a sad note, i cracked my instrument bezel pretty good on the way out (guess i should have read slower, i didn’t realize there was a screw in the lower right). so i’m gonna have to keep my eyes out for a new one.

anyway, it was a really easy fix (except for my inept mangling of the interior pieces), and god only knows what honda/acura would have charged me for a new climate control module. took about an hour and a half start to finish.


i did this as well, as listed in the teg tips section, and also noticed the majority of the old solders were cracked. And not everything, as you noted, works perfectly.

on a side note, how did you remove the climate control from the car? I was changing out the dash and did not see a very easy way to remove the climate control alone.

also is there a proper way to remove the panel that the a/c and fan switches are in front of? I have tried unsuccesfully to remove it without messing up the panel- it always cracks or the front facia pulls off of the panel and discolors.


there is no real easy way to get the climate control out…2 of the bolts required some acrobatics, and i simply did not put them back into the car when reassembling =)…you just don’t need THAT many bolts.

i’m confused as to what panel you mean; you can’t mean the piece that goes between the knobs and the assembly? that one comes right off when you remove the knobs. while i was taking it apart the shaft on the climate control knob came unseated and i had a HELL of a time putting it back together.

I hate to bring up a dead thread like this one, but ive been searching for the answer to how to get the heat control seated properly. I thought i had it on properly before but when I put it back together, the heat would be pretty high even though the nob was on the coldest possible, and it would only go about halfway around the circle. Can somebody please show some pics of how its supposed to be, or somekind of insight. Thx.

I just had the same issue with my temp knob. I know this is an old post so more than likely you have fixed this by now but for the other people that are going to do this project like I did today (in the cold and rain!) I figured I would put my 2 cents in.
The temp knob is basically a worm gear. The gear sits inbetween a pair of fingers. Those fingers slide back and forth as you spin the temp knob. If you do not take your time and make sure that the gear is seated in these fingers and in the front plate that you had to remove than what you have described will happen.
Outside of that my other problems where I have an aftermarket radio so I could not remove it with the 2 screws from behind the console as describled on the instruction. Instead I had to remove the whole center console and the 4 screws that hold the radio/ashtray unit and drop it down out of the way. You do not need to do this if you have a very long phillips screwdriver. The 2 screws that you need to remove from behind the climiate control unit is the only reason for removing the radio. I had only a short screwdriver so I had to loosen the screws from underneath where the radio is. Otherwise a long screwdriver ought to reach it from above the climiate control unit.
Also the steps for removing the bezel screws are a little out of step. it tells you to remove only the large screws after you have pulled off the temp control faceplate. well you can not reach one of the screws but you DO need to remove this before the control unit will seperate from the a/c half of the unit. I say this cause I left it installed and was unable to seperate the 2 halfs later on. Also there are 2 screws on the bottom side of the controll unit that needs to removed as well before you can seperate the 2. Very hard to get to! You will have to push up on the unit as far as you can to be able to get a screwdriver in there.
After that it was a well worth doing project!

brelandt …
hey bro that really help me out , since i have being trying to remove mines for probably like 2 weeks .
i want to replace the lights bulbs with LED’s .
thanks for the write up .
telling u the true bro , i wish every body that gives theyr opinion , be clear like u just did .

        once againg bro , thanks