Just took out my sub+amp.....now my deck won't turn on!

As stated, I removed my sub and amp today, and now my deck is not turning on. There was a wire running from the “on” terminal of my amp, to the white/blue wire going into the wiring harness of the deck. The two met at a splice connection, so I just seperated the side that was running to the amp. Should the white/blue wire that I have running out of the deck be going somewhere?(I’m guesing it’s a wire for power?) Unfortunately, the system was in the car when I bought it, so I have no idea how and what wires were connected originally.


The wire you described is just your remote wire. It provides the amp the signal to turn on when your deck goes on (so your amp isn’t on when you aren’t listening to music). It should have been okay by just removing the spliced wire (obviously not though). Have you checked your fuses on your deck as well as inside your car and under your hood? Something may have shorted, and a fuse might have blown somewhere to protect it.

Let me know-


Hey Amrit,
I checked things out yesterday, and all that was wrong was a ground that was disconnected…hahah…I’m an idiot.I shoulda checked for that sooner :bang:
Anyway, it works now.
I have another question for you though…none of my presets for the deck will ever stay. It was like that with the old deck that was in there too. I’m guessing there must be some sort of constant voltage source that keeps the memory? All the wires from the harness are hooked up properly from what I can see. What should I check for, and is there any way to get around it?(eg. hooking it up right to the battery somehow)
Thanks man! :smiley:

Haha…glad to see you worked out the power issue…nothing more frustrating than a simple fix.

Decks do come with a memory wire. Do you have the instruction manual that states what wire is which? If not, the deck itself might have a sticker on it that states which is the memory wire. Check the solder connection on the harness to the deck, it may be out and just stuck together with heatshrink or electrical tape.

Let me know after you check.