Just wanna make sure...

Any b series block should bolt on to my 92 GSR right? Also if I’m gonna be resleeving the block to 84mm, it shouldn’t matter if I get a ls or gsr or type-r or crv block right?

Yes, any b-series block with work in your teg. They all just bolt right in.
As far as the block goes, that depends on what you want out of your motor. Are you staying vtec?? Going ls/vtec?? All LS??
That is going to matter when it comes to what block you are going to use.
If your going to use your b17 head then you will need a vtec block to go with it (b16, b17, b18c). If your going LS vtec, you will obviously need an LS block (b18a/b) and if your going crvtec then you will obviously need the b20 block…
You see, it all depends on intent.