jvtr header from tunerzimage.com

What do u guys think about it, did anybody purchase one before? It looks good for 140 bucs shipped.


i just bought something from tunerz image off ebay and never got it. There also not answering there emails or there phone… just thought ide let you know!

Aren’t these guys one of our sponsored vendors cuz I remembered seeing the jvtr headers being sold on here… the quality of the header looks good but don’t know about the vendor itself…

i bought stuf from them a couple of times and they rocked

same as ebay

so not worht buying? and yes he is a vendor here, so are they worht buying or not?

they were a sponsor

So is it worth spending money?

megan is probably better for the same amount of money

i just bought a jvtr 4-2-1 header from kscustoms here in sac for 125 total. no shipping ftw

wondering - the megan header isn’t dot approved?, which ones are so the’ll legal in cali’

DC Sports

the jvtr gets a 9/10 for quality. very nice welds, looks better than any DC i’ve encountered.

however, fitment sucks. i had to take my car to a muffler shop today because the header was too long. i had the shop cut out 2-3 inches out of the stock piping to accommodate the header pushing back the whole exhaust system - all the way back so that it would hit the gas tank and was off the hangers. maybe the shop ordered me the wrong year ? i have a 93 ls.

sound like you got a 90-91 the lower b pipe is longer than the 92-93