K sport suspension?

ok guys so im saving up for a suspension kit. whats your opinion on K SPORTS. i saw some online for 700 should i get it? or should i just build my own suspension?? hows the ride quality is it bumpy or is it nice for daily driving? all opinions are welcome.


id save my money for something better, save like 100 bucks more and get the koni/ground control

Yeah that’s what i would do. I had ksports before and they weren’t to bad. I also paid $530 shipped. If you are gonna spend $700 you might as well save a little more to get the koni/ground control setup. I’m gonna sell my skunk2 pros and get that setup.

I paid about $600 for the soilovers and LCA’s. If you are going to spend $700 on them I’d look at something else. I LOVE MINE. But if I was going to spend $700 I might save the extra cash and get something else.

koni ground control 800 shipped with top hats, get them before i do lol :slight_smile:


i would get it but its probably take me a while to get it. yea i was thinking about the yellow konis and gc coilovers but im still looking around.

ALSO!! i was driving crazy a month ago and i decided to power slide with my db2 and now its making humming noise everytime i step on the brake .

tsk tsk… don’t mess up ur DB2, plzkthx.

I’m running on ksports on my DB2 and i love them… I paid $700 shipped also, but mine came with KSport LCAs and KSport rear camber kit. but yeah, for a little more, get the GCs + Tophats + Konis. But… i really like my KSports.


Threads left on front:

Threads left on rear:

The drop:

After Hurricane Ike:

nice photos dxr


nice pix if I can get them in the 5-600 dollar range I’d jump on it. I’ve searched around and can’t find them anyone know where I can get them for that much?

No idea if they are still running this price or not. However, JLB was running a special for $560 SHIPPED. Couldn’t hurt to check it out.

That is from this thread.

[QUOTE=davidhtam;1924645]nice photos dxr



no… Nikon’s off camera flash triggers.

600’s? 800’s? how many did you rock for those shots?


^^^ lolz… nub. jp.

just one sb800. Wasn’t a big photoshoot or anything. We had no electricity and it was right after hurricane Ike… hence the debris

[QUOTE=dxr;1927542]^^^ lolz… nub. jp.

just one sb800. Wasn’t a big photoshoot or anything. We had no electricity and it was right after hurricane Ike… hence the debris[/QUOTE]

wat? lol bunch of photo geeks! :slight_smile:

lol <3

so flip boy, u figure out what ur getting??? updates???

still double minded about it. i love how the k sport looks but i want it to last. so still thinking bout it. my friend has k sport on his da and hes selling it for 350 so i might just get his.

actually does any of you guys know about the PIC apex suspension??? thinking about getting these


iv’e heard nothing but good shit… damn $350 is a steal. I got mine for $500 + stock locally. But PIC is good or so i’ve heard. I haven’t had it soo… ya