k20 help...

ok… i bought a 90 gs last year and it sat with no motor till now. i picked up a type s swap yesterday… so i need someones help. ive searched all over and i can only find so many da’s with k bombs. if anyone has done this swap. please help me out as to what i need. and how much money u spent in parts for the swap. what axles should i use? should i use a certain swap header? im not worried about the wiring i just need the mechanical stuff. please any information would be very helpfull… thank you

well, you need motor mount brackets conversion set, they make a axle set for it, hoses, a lot of stuff. pretty much, just look for any civic k swap online and it will be the exact same. if it bolts in to a civic, it bolts into a integra

do u know who make the axle kit?

seeing as how not alot of G2’ers have done this (a couple have), check out k20a.org for more info. as far as hard parts go, just start google searching man. that is your best bet.

been doin thanks alot