kamikaze headers

have u guys ever heard of a kaikaze header or some name like that for our da’s?..am asking because a friend of mine bought a 91 hatch with a 91 ls in it and the motor has that header…so since he’s going turbo…he is selling the header…any feed back on it…how much does it go brand new?..and is it worth buying?thanx

i think i miss spelled that name i think is kamikaze?..anyone?

Yep they do

I was just browsing on GroupBuyCenter.Com and noted some very good prices on Kamikaze headers. They offered chrome headers for $230!! They also offered some ceramic coated headers in white and black that were well under $300. They listed multiple G2IC type cars…but with my B17A1 engine…I didn’t want to commit to a “92 LS/GS” header. They CLAIM that their headers "provide 5 more H/P that DC Sports.
Now, DC Sports makes a header that is’92 GS-R B17A1 specific, and they featured my car’s two piece header in the brochure. (Very cool pic) Anybody bolt one of these on?
My plan:
DC Sports Header…Car Sound Hi-Flow Cat…DC Sports Cat Back.

i heard they are good, i havent used one my self, but since they are cheap that will prolly be the one i get, or get a greddy for well over 100 off retail through my friend.


atlast…somebody replied…well i was thinking of buying from my friend but hes asking 200 for it…i rather get it new…anyways ill talk to him maybe he’ll let it go for like 100…thanx for the feed back…plus it comes with a 2.5 down pipe i think.

2.5 in downpipe, huh?

what size is ur exhaust? do u want low end or high end?

dont fall into the mindset a lot of import ppl get into (especially me) they piece their mods not keeping my goal in mind. if u want high end stick to high end stuff vica versa.

i have cams for mid-high range, header for low end and exhaust for high end, and stock intake w/ dirty ass filter.

b/c the mods probably dont mesh well with each other, the lack in gains doesnt make up for the money spent. im probably only tad bit higher than stock. but i have been on the dyno.

next teg i get im gonna plan out everything before i buy. and ill stick with the name brand stuff.

but that doesnt mean u cant get the “other” brands. moral of the story is just make sure u plan and research before u buy. make sure everything will add to each other instead of one cancel out another.


See big “girthy” primaries…

Now think supercharger…



I would like to go turbo but i don’t have the money … am one of those unlucky guys…with a dream lol…so what would be my goal if i want to race just the quater mile…wouldn’t mind soe high end either.

The ods i have in y car are 2.25 cat back exhaust,msd 6a,msd ss blaster,noligy wires,cheap ass,ghetto ass filter i found lol…cut u stock intake arm to ake it fit,act heavy duty pressure plate and ss disc…hmmm…i think that’s all.

i am modding my car for mid range. all the cars i have raced have all ways get me on the line. but 2nd i catch up, 3rd a pull, and 4th im gone. plan on what you want. i dont want top end, as i dont speed and dont really need to go fast. and i dont just want to be fast off the line, so i dont want low end. right now i have

short ram intake
2.5 exhaust
2.5 test pipe

the test pipe is what gives me some good mid range power, but i loose back pressure and loose 1st gear power.

header, i plan on a greddy.


So how much is a greedy header?..Should be pretty expensive…and how does it compare to a kamikaze or a dc?

hey my boy just gave me his “kamikaze” header cuz he turboed his DA but i dont see where it say’s the name on it…i have the black coating one… i guess it doesnt hurt to try em out :think:


The one my friend has like a little plate welded between the two middle pipes that come out of the block flange…he has the chrome one.

havent seen one for a DA, but I can vouch for them! My friend as had the chrome header for alomst two years on his 98 talon. It’s barely even turning to purplish-gold. Just to let you know, he commutes a total of like 2 and 1/2 hours a day.

Hell of a good header for a hell of a good price!