Kevlar Hood and Hatch

I have the opportunity to buy a kevlar hood and hatch, but neither the seller or I know what brand they could possibly be. I can’t find them for sale online anywhere either. Could they be a custom made set? What are your opinions?

If the seller will let you test fit them I would say do that first. I like the idea alot personally if they fit and work well with your car. Do you have a pic of your car that you could post so we could get an impression before you go through with the purchase? Also, how much(if you don’t mind me asking) is he asking for the set?


He lives in Utah, and I live near Boise, so test fitting isn’t really an option unfortunately… he would have to ship them. He’s asking $300 for both, and should let me know how much shipping should cost soon.

I do already have a VIS hatch with a cracked FAL window on it (stored away), so I could swap the glass over and just buy a black CF Seibon hood, but his price is just too good. Maybe too good to be true? The area in the middle of the hood is sort of strange too, but it doesn’t look bad from the side.

Here’s a picture or two of my car:

WTF?? Did you say $300 for both? That can’t be right. He’s either smoking crack or the kevlar on the hood and hatch is just an overlay. Better make sure you get the full details of those things before you buy…

There was a guy on here awhile back that was trying to sell a so called BRAND NEW “CF” hood for $200 and it came out to be just a CF overlay over a steel hood when someone called him out… so make sure dude…

i wanna see pics on them mounted

Sounds too good to be true. Not being able to see them fitted, or to test them yourself, I would pass. Tempting, but not worth it in the long run. Sorry man.


That’s exactly what I was thinking too guys… I 'm waiting for pictures of the underside of both, and a close up of the weave in the middle of the hood. I think I’m going to back away from this one, and just buy a Seibon hood to go with the VIS hatch I already have.

does indeed sound too good to be true.

interesting though…seems like they gota be custom made…no? i didnt think anyone was making them in kevlar? hoods i know used to be, but havent seen those in years.

that hatch doesn’t look like it is steel with an overlay. look at the area around where the window should be… it is all angular as if it was cut out. i would say to buy it with a good credit card. if for some reason it is not to your satisfaction, ask for your money back. if he doesn’t come through, then ask for a chargeback. if you are using a good card, they will wait a few days after you petition the chargeback and give you your money.

Yeah but look at the hood. What’s with the raised line down the middle of the hump? Looks like it’s two pieces of kevlar overlay laid on top of one another.

well, he said he was waiting on pics of the underside. i guess he can make his choice then. i personally would have done it since i would not be hurting for the temporary loss of $300

Where in utah is this? If its in slc icould check it out and let you know what I think just tryin to help

are these the hatch and hood that are on ef-honda

ef-honda? That’s for a DA.

It doesn’t look like overlay. I question the quality though.

Well, he finally got back to me. It looks like they have a fiberglass skeleton like most other carbon fiber pieces do. Pretty surprising to me; I never knew there were carbon kevlar DA items made. Sounds like shipping will be a bit expensive though, since they’re so large and fragile…

I managed to come up with “C-Wings” as the maker, with the part number “CT773” on the underside of the hatch… Are there any reviews on this brand? I’m looking for some feedback right now.

Edit: I guess others are saying the latch sucks. Which, after looking at it, does seem like it might break.

Weave on center of hood:

If that’s the case then it’s not that bad of a deal. Regards to the latch… yeah it looks weak as fcuk but that can be fixed with some hood latches… I say go for it…

wow…interesting. i have never seen those before. i have heard of c-wings back in the day… in terms of quality and fitment, they are probably just like any other carbon body panels out there…i used to have a VIS rear carbon hatch for a few years, but fit so bad i got rid of it. i do know other people however, that have had better luck in terms of fit…

well, for $300, that is a smokin deal. shipping is probably going to run you about $100 per piece, but still worth it IMO…just make sure this guy is legit-both those pieces look brand new, and that is WAAAY cheap for these things. i paid 450 just for my hatch when it came out.

they look good, i just wasnt aware of them being made for the DA

i found a place that sells the c-wings stuff and for 300 a piece its not that bad cause the hood brand new in Kevlar is $349 plus shipping
and here is the link for the hatch which is $649 plus shipping

if you do end up getting these i would love to see pics on your car