Key Gets Stuck in Ignition

I had to order the part from Acura. Here in Oklahoma City they were not familier with the problem and they don’t regularly stock the part. Apparently, it doesn’t get cold enough here for most. Anyway, Acura quoted me $56.00 US for the part. That is still much more than $30-$50 CAN. I think Honda/Acura artificially inflate their prices in the USA. I figure someone could use the part number: 35700-SK7-A01. Also, if you plan to save about $200 US, in Labor, by replacing the part yourself, it is also a good idea to change out the shifter light bulb and adjust the shifter cable too. You will already have everthing opened up, this extra maintenance could save you some time down the road.

i havent had this problem since i cleaned and regreased mine

It’s working great! No problems since I replaced the part.

Thanks for all the help.

key stays in ignition in cold weather

My mechanic told me that the shift cable needs to be ajusted and lined up with the hook holes in the cable itself (I havent done it yet). I live in pennsylvania and when it gets to 20degrees or below, I could be sitting in my car for up to 10mins!!! Needless to say I dont stop and get gas before work in the winter!!

i live in new york i went to a tranny shop- lee myles…charged me 125 installed…

Mine is doing the same thing.

I noticed the light doesn’t seem to work sometimes on my AUTO.

Maybe I’ll takle this tomorrow at my friends shop, at least taking the console apart and maybe cleaning/lubing it all up for now. . .

it’s called a shift select switch…i replaced mine last year cause i was having the same problems. something like $40-50 Cdn for the part and the labor took maybe 20 min…