Key in ignition bell not working???

hello everyone. had another question. the first week i had my car , the bell for lights and key in ignition chimed . over winter it stopped, then it started workign a few weeks ago, now its not wokring again. i was wondering what the problem was, looked at fuses, wasnt it.??? any help would be appreciated!

check the door switch, cause I didn’t have a key in dinger too when you open the door, but I could be completely off on this one.

When you open your door do your interior lights come on (dome light)? The door switch is what makes your interior lights come on when you open your door and makes the chimes go on if you have either your key in or your headlights on. If your door switch isn’t working then your car has no way of knowing that you have opened your door and will just assume that it is shut, that is why your chimes aren’t coming on. The same thing happened to me, it is very easy to fix (assuming that the problem is indeed your door switch). First of all your door switch is this shiny little sliding thing that you will see when you open up your door. There are only a couple screws holding it in, take those out. Pull out the switch and disconnect the wire clip. Take some WD40 and give the switch a good scrubbing, be sure to get off any rust that may be on there. Re-attatch the wiring and screw it back into place. Note: the lights and chimes will not work untill it is screwed back in because the switch grounds to the body of the car. If your chimes are still not or are working poorly try bending the switch (with pliers) so that the switch will be applying more pressure to the body of the car and getting a better ground. Hope this helps, let me know if this doesn’t work or if you need more help.


I just went out and checked my door switch, there is actually only one screw holding the switch in so it should be even easier. Also the part that actually does the sliding is made of black plastic.


thank u guys for posting i have to work now but when i get home ill try it out ! thank u !!!