Knock sensor identification

Can someone help me identify the knock sensor on my B16A? I have searched this, but all I have been able to find is that it is on the back of the block and near the oil filter. I need to know what color it is, and where exactly it is in relation to other parts. The problem is when I got under there to plug in the knock sensor plug I ran from my ECU, I found what I think is the knock sensor, but there was already something plugged into it. It was right below the third rail of the intake manifold and the part coming out of the motor was dark colored (brown or black, I couldn’t quite tell) The plug in that connection was a green plug like the one I got for my knock sensor, but it had two wires coming out of it, not one. When I felt inside thing that I thought was my knock sensor, it felt like there were two prongs in there. But since it fit and it was where I understood the knock sensor should be, I unplugged what was in there and put in the plug for the wire going to my ECU. Now, when I started the motor and took it out on the road, the ECU started throwing the Knock sensor code 23.
Did I plug my knock sensor plug into the right sensor? What could that have been that I unplugged from that sensor? Please help!! Thanks in advance.