knock sensor question

i have a 91 teg and swapping a b16 in it, for wiring the knock sensor i am going to us the plug from the ls harness that is not used the only problem is that the plug has 2 wires coming from it and i know i am only supposed to wire up one wire to my pinout. there is one black wire and one white wire does any one know what wire i am suppose to use im thinking white it may not matter also i dunno thanks

Use the plug that came with your engine (B16) and tie up the 2 wire plug from the B18A. If your B16 did not come with a wire harness you can use the 2 wire plug, just make sure that you hook up the right wire. It should be the one closest to the release clip on the plug.

had the same problem!!,just use a speaker great but a little ghetto,