knocked the little defroster contact thing off my back window

How do i get it back on? My dad suggested liquid solder … it doesn’t look like a solderable connection, it’s kind of orange. Needing my defroster a lot lately, it’s cold :0)

If your talking about the part that connects between the wire and the defreoster grid then it should be sloderable. Then again the old solder joint may have held and you ripped the base material off too.

How does it look. If you look at the side profile of what you ripped off, does it look like there is a silver layer in the middle? one side should be the snap on connector for the wire the other should be the grids conductive ase material. if you removed the base material along with the solder joint then it’s going to be harder to fix.

If you broke the solder joint only then it easy. Just re-solder, the liquid stuff might work but I have repaired them before and I just use a pair of pliers and a propane torch. take the snap on connector in a pir of pliers and heat it up with torch until the solder liquifies, if necessary add a little more solder, make sure the solder is pretty hot and then put in place. Hold for a few seconds and it should be reconnected. Just dont get the torch near anything plastic.

no, i can see the connecter thing, but it’s torn off the actual orange strip on the glass. :frowning:

They sell a little kit at the parts stores to fix that…