Knocking in Axle


I lowered my car, and a couple weeks after I did I knoticed a knocking sound when I would drive. The sound is coming from the front and It’s low. A friend told me this could be an axle problem so I jacked up the car and shook the wheels. I hear a sound that could be it, but Im not sure. Has anyone else had this problem? and if so is it just an new axle that will fix it?


My car does the same thing…it usually does it when im going anywhere from 45-65mph. After that, it goes away. And its not a slow knocking sound either, its like a really fast knocking. Is yours fast? I think i need new Axels anyways.

Ok, i did more research, and mine is more of a humming sound that a knocking. I think its the wheel bearing.

I first thought it was stress on the suspension after I lowered it.
but it’s a slow knocking or a “cracking” sound when I go at all speeds, especially when Im going really slow.

I jacked up my car and shook the wheels like I said, and I notices when I got my face up in there that the noise is coming from right where the axle goes through the transmission. It sounds really loose. There’s also kind of a “dead zone” on my front wheels when you try to spin them back and forth. I would say it shakes about an inch in each direction before the wheels catch and start turning. It’s bugging the hell out of me.

You just better hope that its not the transmission. Good luck

yea, I just got my car looked at today, and I was told I need to replace the 2 fromt Drive Axles, and then things should be fine.


the knocking at the wheels, especially when turing and accelerating are due to cracked cv joints which require new boots and/or drive axles. this is a common problem in hondas

in addition to what hashpipe623 said, the inner CV joints might cause a knocking sound that is most common when u engage or disengage a gear, such as when u shift to first, one click!

Also, u can test for it by causing the CV joint to rock forward and backward like by depressing the fuel pedal and lifting in first gear…

Good luck dudes.