Koni adj & NS race VS. Tein coilovers

I just got the specs on Tein coilovers: Spring rate is 504 front and 280 rear. They are 0-3.5" adjustable and 16 ways shock adjustable. I’m not sure if they are adjustable bound or rebound or both.
Neuspeed race springs are rated at 500 front and 450 rear with a 2 inch drop and Koni yellows are adjustable rebound. Which is better?

How much are the Teins going to cost? I think most people would choose the Teins but if they’re going to cost over a grand most people will choose the cheaper route.

Teins can come around $900 for the SS system. But some say they can get them around $800…only a mere 1-2 hundred more than the koni yellows w/ Neuspeed race setup. But those spring rates. I don’t like em.

Almost looks like its setup for alot of understeer.

NS Race is 500f/450r.

Ride quality?

What’s the ride quality like on race springs? I’m now debating whether to get sport or race springs.