Koni yellows height adjustable?

I keep reading different things about the koni yellows.

Some say that you can adjust the height using the spring perches, and some say its only for shock travel and wont affect ride height. So those with a koni yellow/spring combo, chime in.

Reason is, I have s-techs on my car right now, but the drop is even, I just want to even out the drop. Thanks.

I believe its shock travel not ride height. ride height is dealing with springs or coilovers with sleeves. someone correct me if im wrong.

the ride height is adjustable. but its such a little amount. its something like 1 cm.

They are height adjustable. There are three grooves on the shock body that have a split ring which fits in them. The perch fits around the split ring and you’re done.the adjustment is minimal and will affect shock travel again minimally.