KYB Excel-G shocks thoughts

Does anyone run these? Seems like a really good price and I am looking to replace just my front ones and make it a little more solid than the stock struts.


I have the same setup but with H&R springs they give a pretty good ride I had them in my white da too

I’ve never bought aftermarket shocks, are the pretty solid? Tired of my front end being bouncy.

I have them with eibach prokits and eibach sportlines. The kyb gr2s, same as excel g, mated to the eibach prokits have about 80k miles and it still provides a smooth stockish ride.

What spring rates are you running?

I wish I knew, I just have ksport drop springs with probably around 15k on them. All their website says regarding spring rate is that it’s “progressive”.

I feel like I need something stiffer in the front in general. The rear end feels great IMO.