kyb gr-2

i might buy a set (4) from a guy on here for $150, he says they are a couple of weeks old, and are in good condition.

is this a good deal?
will these be able to take a 2 inch drop or more?
i know koni can and tokico cant

Fill me in here ppl


Tokico blues can’t, Tokico Illuminas can. I’d say go w/ the GR2…but there won’t be a warranty that applies to you. It is voided after more than 1.5" (they can tell if you went lower by the shock rod). Also, if you’re buying them used…sometimes the warranty is non-transferable, I know Tokico is like that, not sure about KYB.

Stew :up:

Just to let you know I paid $190, including shipping for a set of new GR-2’s, from I don’t know about the drop. Mine is only .75".

Yeah, the GR2’s are a good choice for small drops like SofSport, H&R OE, or Eibach Pro-Kit. I plan on getting the Pro-Kit and and GR2’s.

However, it seems like a lot of people lowered on Pro-Kits end up with their rear lower than the front, which is definitely NOT what I want.

I have the Neuspeed SofSports, and even with an empty tank of gas, my left rear wheel gap is smaller than any other wheel. It’s not too bad, about 1/3 of an inch difference. Unfortunatly I didn’t measure before I did the drop, so I don’t know if it was like that stock.


im getting skunkworks coilovers. I have no clue how much i will drop it yet. ill figure it out when i install them. I also have the ingalls camber kit (3 degrees). Do you guys think ill have any problems?