Lanyards! possibly for sale

whats up G2IC. I am looking into getting some lanyards for G2IC.COM. they will cost me around 550 for 500 or 850 for 1000 who would be down to buy some of these. If they will sell I will buy them I was thinking of getting them for the huge meet next summer but if i get some would the sell?

Neil would you be alright with this?

depending on how much i’d be down

I’m down for a G2IC lanyard. Definately need Neils approval though… That being said, I really want one.

need neil to ok it for sure but i would probly do it for like 5 shipped they would be costing me around 1.40 each.

Are you talking about those keychain thingies people wear at carshows? Sorry… haven’t heard the word “lanyards” for awhile…:bye:

yup u got it bro

Yea id be down for two or three.

Are you talking about the nationwide meet ?

yea i am. i was thinking of getting them for that meet… if u email me we can talk about this mayb we can work something out with the profits. im not looking to make money i am just thinking its a good idea.

i was acctually thinking of taking a bit of cash fo my time and donating to the site anyways

im down…whats the word on the national meet anyway?

ice man is workin on it.

Sorry but I don’t think it’s a good idea for YOU to do this… because I don’t think you’ll sell all the 500 or 1000 landyard so you’ll lose money on this one…

A lower quantity like 100-150 would be better IMO. You’ll have better chance to sell all of them.

Remember: you have a Black DB2 to restore for that National Meet… Landyard can wait.


yea i definetly think you would take a loss if you bought 500. Like silichuki14 said youd be better off buying 100-150. But put me down for 2 if they are 5 bucks shipped.

You can always sell the remainder on ebay or something. :up:

But hell, if the strength on the lanyards look strong enough I’ll be getting some also.

look at u silchuki worried about me and my financial status!!! u want my DB2 done dont u!.. thx for the reminder!. i will see how many i can get if i can do 150 i will. but i still need neils ok!

The last time I did it I wanted the member’s username to be printed on the lanyard, rather than just a regular generic G2IC one. That actually made it more popular but there still wasn’t enough demand. Perhaps there will be now that I’m doing shirts and hoodies again in the next few months. I would think the font should match the shirts and hoodies etc. I will have to dig up the artwork I did way back when… But there is always a minimum order – usually 100. I seem to remember only getting like 30 firm customers back then. If you are interested you really need to speak up.

EDIT: Found it

I personally like the idea of G2IC lanyards, but I don’t think I would want my username printed on it.

ya bro the general G2IC is fine i think because each 1 with a different name on it will cost some buxx. i donno neil if ur down to do it or if u want i can do it i will look into it ither way and let u kno what deals i find… i might have hookups for it. if u decide i can do it well talk art work and match the shirts and wtv.

are the shirts going to have screen names on it?

Nah, those are just straight forward T shirts: sedan model or hatch model. But I’m trying to get them in colors that match Integra colors :wink:

yeah i would be down for a lanyard. I’m sure if you got 850 you could sell them at the Nat’l meet and whatever is left im sure you could sell on here kinda like neil does the stickers. overtime im sure you could get rid of them. Hey Neil, when is the G2 shoe line coming out?