Last weekends party and john johns

Some pic’s from last weekends fun at a friends get together… That’s right, this was a swap meet/party







bwahahahaha. that looks like chris. hahahahahaha (dakine) hahahahahaha


I’m not going to leave this up long


there should be a warning on that. my virgin eyes have been scarred for life!

omg… realdoll hahahahhahaha:shock:

and please tell me these pics are from the web. one of you combers didnt actually buy one of these right??

:lol: I can’t beleive you posted pictures of Evalyn.

Dustin, you should have seen the box it came in :slight_smile:

thanks for the warning dood :mad: :roll:

some of us have IT people scanning our comps.

Websense didn’t pick that site up (yet) so you’re OK.

dont they come in a big ass wooden crate? lol

:lol: :rofl: :horny:

ewww sick.:sick: :argh:


what is it, what is it? i can’t see the pics. they block it off at work!:frowning:


Oh My God… that’s so sick… she looks 12…

Does she feel Real?? Like her boobs and stuff… Wow…

i think that’s gone to far, Jacking off it ok, Sleeping with a slut is ok, But going out and buying you a Doll that you can fuck, is just WRONG…

Yes, surprisingly the doll does feel real, especially if you follow the “warming” directions.

You can’t get a doll pregnant, nor can you catch a disease from one assuming you are the only user.

Yeah but don’t you think it’s kinda gross… You can avoid getting a girl Prego if you use a condom and she’s on Birth control-not the PILL… girls that take the pill are asking to get Prego!!! Depo is the only way to go… !!! 3 months and it’s 99.7% effective… It’s the only smart way to go… then you can Protect yourself from std’s and other shit by useing a condom!!.. IM A SAFTEY GIRL:D


The pill can be just a effective as depo. My neighbor got pregnant two months after starting depo. My X’s also showed exterme changes in personality after starting depo and the patch (at different times of couse, they didn’t use both at the same time).

The doll is the ultimate sexual partner. She’ll let you do anything and won’t complain or say what you can and cannot do. There’s nothing gross about it.

The she was the .3 %… It’s known to change your moods… lol it says it does… that’s nothing new. Females that take the pill get are more likey to get Pregnant… Because when you take the Pill it tricks your body into being Pregnant, with most Birth control out there… But when you miss one pill you body tells itself there’s something fishy about this… and if you miss one more pill and have sex without a condom… the sperm find there way to the egg… lol just like normal, without taking a birth control… My doctor said if you miss 2 pills there is not reason to take the other pills because they will not work… thats why i say you are asking to get pregnant… I’ve had aton of friends just miss one pill and they get pregnant… the pills not worth it… Plus on Depo its for 3 months of no period, No pills you have to worry about, and rarely do you ever have to think your pregnant… if you get what im saying…

I do believe that fucking a robot has gone to far…that’s my Opinion… and I can tell you don’t think it’s wrong or gross… But i do… :stuck_out_tongue: