Lately been having abnormal issues with starting and stalling...

Ok well i dont know if any of this has anything to do with the new issues that have reared their ugly head, but i’m just going to put this info in before i speak on the issues. I’ve recently had a Competition Clutch LWFW and a B16 trans on my DB…running higher revs than normal…anyway, on to the problems/issues.

Well, at this point, which i’m guessing/accrediting this issue to my starter…my car never had issues starting prior to, but now it takes a little while for it to start up. I’ve had one occasion where it just didnt start at all. Pulled the pull handle from the trunk of my car and knocked on the starter and it started right up. This is an advance reman’d starter, so i’m guessing it’s the reason why it takes so much for it to start.

It also has an issue when i come to a stop of the RPMS dropping so low that it shuts off. It doesnt do it all the time, but it does it frequent enough where it becomes an issue, i’ve kind of figured how to keep it on by applying gas while pulling the ebrake…that works and i have to work the gas pedal to where i slowly get off of it for it to idle right under 1k. Could this be related to the LWFW or the FITV or the other valve? Because at times it does bounce in idle as well, but it shuts off more than bounces in idle.

Also which i’m guessing because i’m normally cruising at 70 mph w/ puts me at about 4k RPM is why my bumper ends up w/ black soot on it…could that overall be the rings? I just switched to 20w50 max life (i was running 5w30 but oil was being consumed at ungodly rates) and when i started it up yesterday a puff of blue smoke spewed out. I’m hoping a few oil changes w/ lucas oil stabilizer will help calm down the oil consumption and burning.

Thanks in advance…if anything is needed to be clarified, please let me know and i’ll try to clarify.

PS: any advice on a reliable place to pick up an engine from online? I’m really considering a B20z

I would buy a new main fuel relay, it helps clear up rough idle and hard start issues.

honda dealership i’m guessing?

go to a salvage yard or pick n pull to get the relay… dealer & parts stores charge an ungodly amount for those and MAP sensors for some odd reason.

gota find a junkyard w/ a DA/DB. thanks though