laying your own carpeting

So I bought a shell that was pretty much gutless and I was wondering how hard it would be to lay your own interior. Like not OEM wise. But say if I went to the store and bought some carpet or some other material. How hard would that be to lay in? Has anyone on this forum done anything like this?

Don’t even bother, it needs to be “molded” due to all the complex curves. You could glue down audio grade carpet - the stuff that is used to cover speaker boxes and the such, but that needs to be glued down and there’s too much on the floor that you wouldn’t want to glue over. Just find a used carpet or buy an aftermarket one.

Word. Thanks bro. I’ll probably just find a aftermarket one. Where do you guys recommend looking?

Scratch that. Did some googling lol. I found some

ebay is where i got the carpet for my DB