Leak on passenger side.

New to this car so bare with me and I know there has to be a thread on this but none of them answered me exactly. yesterday it rained and i got some dripping water coming from behind the glove box. i looked under it and it looks like water is dripping from a screw that is holding this white container. im lost i’ve heard it could be the cowls but i honestly don’t know.



co-sign ^^^

thanks man. appreciate the help.

No problem it is a common and annoying problem.

Hey man, i had the same leak. Instead of doing the bag trick run up to your gas station and grab the biggest soda can you can find! place that over the vent and bend to shape still allows the vent to do its job without suffocating it, and no messy glue and bags! mine has been like that for 2 years and i havent had a leak since! :up:

do you have any pics on how to do it?