Leaking Floor in Winter - yuck!

Hey guys, hopefully you can help me out a bit.

During the winter, and only during the winter, water somehow gets into the car and soaks the front driver’s side carpet, and a little on the passenger side. As a result the dirty salt water leaves patches of salt when it dries. Totally disgusting. Every spring I have to steam clean the car.

The hole must be in the floor somewhere - water gets in only when the snow is high enough to touch the car’s floor. Someone suggested that the seat mounts may be leaking. Has anyone ever had this problem?

BTW my teg has no AC, and I only find water under the front mats.

Thanks in advance !!

umm, im not sure…but i had this problem only in the rain in which water would get leak from the glove compartment and soak up the floor. i think the silicon on your front windsheild that is supposed to keep water and other things out its coming off. maybe when the snow sticks, and starts to melt back into water, it gets into your car? im sorry if this didn’t help, but just an idea on what it might be?

Hey man, thanks for the response. I don’t know what it is exactly either. I don’t think that it’s the windshield because only the floor ever gets wet. I think I’m going to put the thing up on a hoist and carefully check out the floor to see what the heck is causing this mess.


Is it all the snow melting over time and causing this.
Thants what happend to my teg over the winter.

It’s probably coming in through the air cond ducting, there is a teg tip to fix it.

was up gang, check this out I had the same prob. but it happened to me when I turned on the heater in the rain, the passenger side driped water like crazy, now that it stoped raining I turned the heater on and no drip, don’t understand