Legend Fog Trick on JDM headlight

Does anyone know if the legend fog light trick will work on JDM Integra head lights. I took mine out last year and regert it, no I want them back and I can’t find my old ones. Thanks for any help.

Yes I’m pretty sure they are the same.

just buy yourself a yellow h3 for your foglight.its easier.

a tad late to be adding to this thread, but after having finally had some time to work on my car, I can say that no, the legend trick does not work on the jdm lights. the only way i can see it working is if you get the fog housing hardware stuff from the usdm lights and then slapping that into the jdm lights.

Yes it will work, as long as all the original one-piece hardware is there and the only pieces missing are the yellow lenses.

I have all the hardware as well as the lenses if needed.

Hit me up if you need pics…

i wouldnt mind seeing the original hardware that was in the jdm lights. cuz mine dint come with anything.

Yeah it works, because b18t bought the Legend foglight covers from me, and he put them on his car.

Here’s the link http://g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=141788&page=3

when i bought my one pieces from passwordjdm they came with the reflector that is the “legend trick”. all it is, is a yellow glass covering, that you should get on stock jdm one pieces. unless the person who used to own them took it out(which would be stupid if you asked me, thats the whole point of jdm one pieces, that yellow foglight look!)

Ahhh, That’s why I bought yellow H3 bulbs into my JDMs.

The previous, previous g2ic’R owner had taken the yellow covers out, and painted the inside housing black.
The JDMs were sealed back together too tight, so I didn’t wanna split them again to use the Legend covers.
So thus I sold them to b18t.
His ride looks pretty nice too.

i understand the yellow glass itself fitting in just fine. but when i got my one-pieces, they didn’t have any hardware in them at all. I got my stuff to fit, but I had to do a lot of pounding/bending of the holder thing to make them sit in the one-pieces. it was a bitch but i feel that it was worth it in the end.

Hers’s some pictures of the JDM Yellow Lens assemblies and associated hardware.