Legs too long for steering wheel!

I’m tall and my legs sit above the steering wheel. My legs will not fit underneath the steering wheel. It causes pain in my leg when driving longer than 20 minutes. It also makes it difficult to switch from the gas pedal to the brake because the steering wheel is in the way. Is there any solution such as a smaller steering wheel?::shrug: I cant deal with the numb feeling in my leg.

You can get a smaller steering wheel or get a race bucket that lets you sit lower and depending which rail, farther back.

Get your legs cut shorter… :smiley:


Rather not cut my legs off

@lostdeception…Do I need a steering wheel puller to take it off…what all do I need?

you could also get something to extend the steering hub so it sits closer to you. That way you legs could possibly be behind the steering wheel.

Nah, just take off the horn button and there is a 19mm nut behind it. Works Bell sells a steering wheel spacer to push the wheel farther back if you don’t like the stock placement of the aftermarket wheel you put on. I was going to go that route on my car. My leg placement was perfect, but I wanted the wheel to be closer so my arms aren’t too extended.

oh ok…Does a installation kit come with aftermarket steering wheel?

damn how tall are u, my cousin is 6’ 4" 300lbs and he sits with no problem

you know what else that fits the steering wheel bolt perfect, the stock oem wrench that takes off your lug nuts off your wheels, pefect fitment and already has a handle.

‘bout 6’7’’…my knees have room, but the steering wheel makes it difficult for me to move my foot from the gas pedal to the brake. I have to press it at a angle and it cause pain in my leg after a while.

oh, yup, change steering wheel, should be very easy

Pull out the driver seat and sit in the back. :mensa:

I have a steering wheel that is flat at the bottom instead of round. It saves an inch or so. I’m only 6 foot and it helps me be more comfortable.

Well…I just put a 11 inch steering wheel on it. Big difference. It sure isnt a high end joint…cheap,lol. It gets the job done though.