let's discuss HO alternator swaps, ideas, etc...

Have any of you had a positive experience swapping over a different Nippon part# alternator to increase output beyond 65 or 80A?? If not, does anyone know of a top notch shop in Toronto that can rebuild my OEM one in it’s original casing with NTN bearings and Nippon rectifiers?

I will be doing a write-up on this topic so if anyone has anything to add (especially part numbers or fittment info or even links) please do.

I am specifically talking about a '93 B18A set-up here.

If anyone’s interested, Camry’s, Cavellier’s, and even some others all use the EXACT same Nippon regulator/recifier. The good news?? The rectifier/bridge assy. in our alternators are internal and fitted perfectly to the casing. That being said, there must be a few styles of casing with the same mounting bracket, etc. We need a 3 groove serpentine setup or one that’s easily modified.

Let’s start collecting info… I want to be through with this project in the new year…

Check out some of these interesting links:



The 90-91 teg unit is 65A and the '92-3 is 80A AFAIK. Can anyone confirm?

This is the '91 unit – Nippondenso 100211-7330
it is defintely 65A with a 3 groove serpentine drive pulley…


aka neex.

This may be away from what you want but i thought i would post it anyways.

My brother bought a HO alt off ebay. for his 98 accord v6 been running it for about 8 months now around 8-10k miles.

it works great no problems yet keeps 12v solid with the stereo full tilt and a/c and headlights on. usually around 13.5 unless the bass hits real hard

the alt is 50 amps more then stock.
system has a orion hcca 225 running at 2 ohms stereo
orion hcca 250 at 2 ohms mono


Thanks for the info! Do you know who the supplier for your bro’s alt was?? Any idea which components were used? I’m still considering having the OEM Nippon. unit rewound with a workover.

Thanks again!

aka neex.

Did your bro purchase from a Candian supplier??

here is the link


thats the same guy, he has a 135 and a 150 for our cars.


id like to know what you come up with also.

woah for 200+ you can get a reliable brand name h/o alt