Lets see some Canadian DA's

This is my first Thread started on these forums here. sorry if a thread like this has started already, i thought i would share my car with you guys. i bought a few goodies this winter that have not been put on yet (JDM 1 piece headlights, Greddy TIC catback), these pics are from the past summer ('08). This car was bone stock when i bought it, i did everything else myself. Hope you enjoy em, more to come as soon as the snow melts here. lets see some other DA’s from Canada.:rockon:

nice ride, but I think you have it in the wrong section! it’s alright, mods should put it where it is supposed to go, keep up the good work.

My 93 GS-R, soon to be HMT’d

QC here…

My Beater:

In the making… (Neuspeed bar is gone…didn’t fit)

I need to take some new pictures of mine…Soon to undergo some un-visible but significant changes…

And here’s the wife’s car, hopefully soon to become my winter car (instead of being sold)

damn that bad boy is filtheee :werd: all you guys nice rides:rockon:

i’m so jealous of your manual seatbelts!!! I have a set, but too lazy to have the pillars welded =(

h8crime, your car is pure sex

thanks guys

edit - lol, the black background makes that look so funny, he is bowing down really fast :stuck_out_tongue:

cars are looking sweet. h8crime, i grew up in Surrey, lived there 11years, moved in 98, nice car.

you left beautiful BC for manitoba :fingban:, say hi to my grandparents for me :stuck_out_tongue: they live in a small town outside winnipeg called elm creek, have you heard of it?

here’s mine!

ya, i have actually, never been there though. i would like to do a cross country road trip in my car sometime to Vancouver, but not sure if it would make it or not, lol. going to have to do some motor/tranny work before i make the trip. might just fly there this summer instead.

The GS and GSR

Here’ s mine

here is the newest picture of my DA

here is my 92 DB2…one pieces are maybe going on saturday…weather permitting