Light Weight Flywheel Questions PLEASE HELP!!

So I’m getting a local guy in my city to do a clutch/lightweight flywheel install and he called me today and said that when he took off the stock flywheel it sits nicly in there and what ever but when he puts the light weight flywheel it needs to be like lined up and only the bolts will be holding it in place…I was wondering if there was any sorta of sleeve or anything that makes it go in place, or is the proper normal procedure to just line it up and bolt it on and only the bolts hold it in place?

Either you have the wrong clutch kit or a Weak Mechanic. It has a little edge the flywheel sits on, bolt it on then torque it. I dunno what hes talking about though.

Did he put a new pilot bearing in? This sits between the crank and the flywheel and is a guide for alignment.

Is your car turbocharged? If not its better to have the weight of the oem flywheel. Then you wont have a problem.

Please disregard enigmateg. His post defies logic and physics.

What type of flywheel is it?

I have attached a pic of the inside (facing the engine) of my flywheel.
I crudely drew 3 points you need to look at. The Red piece is machined and must sit flush and firmly on the end of the crankshaft before the bolts are put in. The yellow marks is a raised surfaces that surrounds the very end of the crankshaft. The blue ring and everything inside it is the bearing. The inside edge of the bearing must sit level with the red mating surface.

For reference I have a an Exedy 2G23
You may have the wrong flywheel or the wrong mechanic, hard to tell.

XTD 8 LB ProLite Flywheel going on a 91 integra gs, b18a1

more than likely the pilot bearing is missing. Cause when you put everything together it all lines up with the clutch alignment tool. Ask if he installed it if not pick up your car before you need to pick up pieces of it!


Unfortunately I have never installed a XTD so I don’t have any specific knowledge. It should not be much different than mine on the mating surface.

I have another pic of the bearing specifically from the other side, I hope it helps.