Lights and AC fan surging Electrical problem

I had to put a new alternator in about 1 month ago. Strapped for time I had to buy a Autozone Duralast rebuilt alterator. It lasted exactly 1 month, then the battery light came on, it was reading 13.5 acrossed the battery terminals with or without the engine running.

I went to Autozone and got another alternator. It did not sound that great it made some kind of clicking sound. It sounded like it was coming from the bearing area. I put it in anyway, it works fine, it now reads 15.3v with the engine running. But I have been noticing my lights dimming randomly and my AC fan seems to surge now. Do you think I have another bad alternator or could it be some other problem?

I am starting to think that Autozone Alternators are complete junk. I opened the first one before i returned it, and the brush assembly was rubbing on the spindle, you could see something was wrong. Now I am stuck with the Autozone alternator unless I want to lose my core.

15.3V is a little high, should be around 12.5V engine not running and not a lot more then 14.5V with engine running, sounds like a voltage regulator problem, I would return the alt. to Autozone for warranty, pay the diff. and get a new alt.:idea:94

If your battery reads above 12.5 while not running then battery has a serious problem, usually 6 cells of 2.1V i think or something like that.

If battery is shot then your charging system may be overused by the battery being shorted into its internals, then a draw in current like your AC fan starting will make your light dim because your battery will take all thats left of the alternator current.

But usually a shot battery will read below 12.5V…


The battery is brand new from Costco, I read it with a meter when I got it at 13.5V I don’t know why but it was higher then 12V. When the car is running it gets about 15.3 which seems like the alternator is working fine. But I never had this problem with surging before until I put my 2nd Vatozone alternator in. Being as the 1st one lasted only 1 month, I am guessing that they just re manufacture crap alternators.

The only company that sells a new alternator for my car is NSA has does anyone have any opinions on those?

Problem solved

I took back my 2nd Autozone alternator for a full refund and bought a Denso Alternator off amazon for $132. My car runs like a champ now. It idles smoother has better pickup, no dimming problems. I guess I learned a lession not to use Autozone parts.