Lips minus body kit

WOuld a g2 look good with a lip (such as the RS) but not have sideskirts or a rear? Does it give the same snowplow look that you get if you only put the front bumper of a body kit on but not the rest?

i think the rs lip…

looks fine by itself because it doesnt come that far down. Most people wouldnt even know it isnt stock. Other kits give you that snowplow look. The only one that isnt too bad is the WW bigmouth but it looks much better with sideskirts though.

I only have the font RS lip and like it.

hey b16da9 that is the look ive been looking for. if you can please send me more pics to i’ll search for some but where did u buy it and how much is it and will it fit a 90 integra? thanx a lot man

The only lips that looks good with out the sides and rear is the OEM lips… IMO of course.

Carnage86, the lip b16da9 has is for a 92-93 bumper, thats different from the 90-91 bumper. The best lips I’ve found for the 90-91 have been at They make some good stuff, and you can find it on ebay sometimes, just make sure it’s not a knock off.