List of all bushings

I was requesting a list of all of the replacable bushings on the g2 integra. please include suspension bushings, shifter, steering, and any others on the car. THANKS…

Taken from the Energy suspension Master Kit for the 90-93 Integras

* Front control arm bushing
* Rear control arm bushing
* Front strut rod bushing
* Front control shock bushing
* Rear control shock bushing
* Front end links
* Steering rack bushings (Power steering only)
* Transmission shifter stabilizer bushings (Manual transmission only)
* Ball joint and tie rod end boots
* Trailing Arm bushing

would any one consider suspension technique or energy technique one better then the other? if so which?

how much does that kit run a brother

JDM809: energy suspensions is what i’d recommend. they got it all, a full master kit or piece by piece. good stuff. if u ain’t looking for performance u can just get oem but hey… why not? suspension techniques basically offers sway bars with their bushings. not much else. and to replace the bushings, its WAYYY easier to just go and get some ES ones.

spencenug08: check the for sale forum. some members here sell the master kit with everything it in. and sometimes they are offering it pretty cheap.

i have the prothane full chassis kit. ive had it for two years and so far no squeeks.

btw that kit is missing the rear compensator arm bushings. you can buy those seperately from prothane or in their whole kit.

Energy Suspension is the way to go! The master kit doesn’t come with RTA bushings though.

I wouldn’t recommend any poly bushings, as they require constant lubrication. Failure to lubricate would just cause squeaks. The way I see it is, my 91 has been around for 18 years, and after inspecting my bushings, didn’t see any that were completely messed up. If you consider owning the car for at the least 5 years, rubber bushings will last far longer than that. Plus you don’t have to regrease them all the time.

bringing it back from the dead but if we go rubber got any recommendations other than replacing all with oem? That is a bit more expensive than the full ES kit.

Also, anyone on her with some years on their energy suspension kit care to chime in on their thoughts?

i’ve been wondering the same thing. the ES one is missing things ive found on prothane’s site that are bushings and can be replaced. i got a 92 DB1 with 235k miles and its got clunks from suspension.

I have been looking at getting these for my car.


I have been looking at getting these for my car.[/QUOTE]

Did you buy this kit?

i’ve had the prothane kit plus some ES bushings installed since 2007 and i have zero squeaks and i never regreased them.


I have been looking at getting these for my car.[/QUOTE]

Since you posted that too, I’m lookin at getting these ones too.

actually the black poly on the energy suspension in embedded with graphite to keep up lubrication. the red does not have the graphite. thats why i always use black. and if you think its b.s. which it sounds like check out theyre website