Lithuania: WTB: Bulb holder

want to buy part in picture number 13



So you have the three piece lights then? I’m fairly certain I have a couple laying around if that’s the case. If you pay the necessary postage, you can just have it

yes, 3 piece mine. can you check how much ll be shipped to Lithuania? (Europe)


I’ll help you out man. Emailed. Get a list together of small odds and ends, under 1lb first class is not too expensive and very fast. For a fellow g2 enthusiast in need of parts all you pay is shipping if I have it.


still wanted

Hey sorry about that! It has been ridiculously busy here, I should be finally getting a weekend to myself. I’ll shoot you an email later today.


I thought you forget me. thanks a lot mate, waiting! :slight_smile:

Sorry to keep you waiting! I’ll get on it asap :slight_smile:

please? can’t drive at night :wave: :smiley:

Sent u mail

This what you want?


shoot me an email if you like