Little DA get together

Here are the pix i took today at the “DA” meet @ checkers. I know gary took some so post them up!

Went to ron’s cribb while he was finishing his brakes…

haha lol a block away and he just remembers to tighten his lugs ooopppss, that would have been bad

Now @ checkers…

i spy my old lip…:naughty:

and that red teg needs to install the side skirts correctly. he has them on the wrong side. Its suppose to be lower up front.

checkers is a shit hole!

heh yeah thanks for the lip =] me likey a lot
^ lol indeed it is

looks like a nice day …nice clean rides keep it up ppl

Yo im glad ron brought her back to life (btw i was the previous owner). I spied a few changes he made ex. factory lip and amber lenses.

i just noticed this thread. man that was a buns meet. u cant trow DA only meets in NY. theres only like a handfull of decent ones. general meets are usually way better. and yeah bro i put those lenses the lip the flaps took off the rear wiper. and thats just the cosmetic stuff…

DAng, this was a “LIL” DA get together…

anyone know what skirts are on the red da?

Props to the blue DA. Puttin it down for NY. Keep up the good work.