little help with the compression calculator

i just had a quick question bout the comression calculator. I did searches on the site and saw different people saying different things, with the P30 pistons in the B17a block. On the calculator at the bottom, it doesnt have the B17a for “piston to deck height.” i was trying to figure out what to choose in that category? B16? Also, if i go with the oversized P30’s and have a bore of 81.25 on the block, what do i put in the piston category? it shows P30’s but it doesnt say if they are oversized or not.
Tryin to figure out the Comp for this setup. Im just not sure what the put in the calculator cuz it doesnt have these choices. Any suggestions?
B17a Bore-81.25
(JDM) P30 pistons “OS” (oversized)
OEM 3 layer head gasket


P.S. this is the calculator im tryin to use-

Use the B16 piston to deck height. The only time this becomes invalid is when you use a CTR piston.