"Local" car forums

i say “local” meaning like state wide or region wide. Like i’m in CT and we have a site called CTvtec that pretty much everyone uses for parts, trading etc, i actually see a few people cross over between the two.

just wondering what other ones are out there, interested in other “local” forums to me for parts searching. i.e. mass, ri, vermont, ny, nj

just my curiosity i guess haha. post em up if its allowed that is checked the rules and didn’t see anything about advertising, and i don’t really classify this as advertising those sites anyway i’d still come here for all my g2 specific needs but hey i like other hondas too :slight_smile:


They have a Connecticut section.

humbleperformance.com/forum in tulsa, Oklahoma
ok-speed.com/forums mostly okc

Honda’s of New England forums