loctite on tensioner bolt too excessive?

i wonder if i should use loctite on the tensioner bolt? yesterday i got a good scare because my belt was loose. it was skipping and slapping the cover which sounded like a nut was rattling around. i retensioned it accordingly and all is well. hopefully i didnt bend a valve.

tensioner bolt calls for 33lb-ft but it seemed to just twist so i lowered it to 25lb and it just clicked. block is a 1990 so i assume the threads have been under fatigue or overtorqued by someone. i know i should use a new bolt, but since the block is softer being aluminum, it would strip its thread before the bolt does. so i was thinking get a new bolt and add a tiny bit of loctite and be done with it? i dont plan on doing any cam changes for a while…

Loctite Liquid Threadlockers are hella good. last time I used it on a bolt it was impossible to remove. I still coulnd’t get that bolt out.