Long time to warm up.

Since it’s been getting cold around here(but no snow yet yay!) my car takes a long time to warm up. Like the other cars in the house take half the time before warm air comes through my vents, an my g/fs prelude warms up way faster then mine.

Any suggestions as to what could be the problem?

Sounds like you need a new thermostat. Does your temperature guage ever reach half way between H and C? If not, I’d say its definately your thermostat.

yup, check your thermo. sounds like its stuck open.

mine was stuck open, and when i’d drive at night on the freeway the temp would go all the way down----but during normal around town driving it didn’t make a difference.

Once it warms up its stays in the middle an doesn’t really go up or down… but if I get on it… it drops abit an when I first get on the highway it’ll go down to C then gradually up to the middle again.

Anyway to check the thermostat without taking it out? Maybe I’ll jsut replace it…