Look AT This!!! Suspension kit Price!

OPk guys, come monday i will be getting my timing belt done, water pump replaced, and new cam shaft seals replaced. Now here comes the fun stuff… come in the next few weeks i will be selling my computer for like 600 bills to buy more and more parts… now this ricer thing is an addiction… :slight_smile: well here is what i orderd…

This is for a 1993 acura integra RS! 108,000 miles on her…

<1> Kyb pt # 341135 kyb shocks/struts - list price 74.26 / my cost (41.91)
<1> kyb pt # 341136 kyb shocks/struts - list price 74.26 / my cost
<2> kyb pt # 341137 kyb shocks/struts - list price 95.36 / my cost
<1> Eibach 4010.140 90 - 93 integra 1 coils - list price 329.64 / my cost (183.17)

Total bill w/ tax (391.49) Va state tax!

what do ya guys think about this?? is it a great deal or what and its a local store for me… like a 5 minute drive and he has the shiznit on any and every kind of racing parts!

After this i will have about 500 dollars left over… what should i get next…

i already have and exhaust, struts, new stock tires…

w/ 500 bucks should i get and intake and a header… or would that be too much past my budget of 500 bills.

also if so could i get some suggestions on models and part numbers for the headers and intake…

thanks guys, with your help this car will be build through the entire process of suggestion from this message board… so technicaly www.g2ic.com members have actualy build my car!!!
:owned: :shrug:

GR-2’s and Eibach Pro’s

Does anyone have this setup and tried running a road course? I have a 91RS I was thinking about replacing stock components, on a budget of course, but I spend some time on a road course. I don’t want things any worse.

I’d like info about how this setup handles when pushed pretty hard.

BTW, you can get the same setup on www.tirerack.com for only about $40.00 more and its their standard price. :wink:


This sounds like a good deal to me. After you do this I would definately go with an intake and header. I would sit on the 500 till i found a good deal on a used AEM CAI, should be able to find one for 150 or so if your patient. As for a header, I have a Chikara Torque step and it does a fine job for the price, under 200. Others will tell you to get the DC, it is a better header but costs more. Once again if you can find one used get it. So theres 350 spent and you have 150 left. Now get out and pick up cans till you get enough to sell for 70 dollars, as an option you can sell plasma too. Now get ahold of the member of G2IC that has the hookup on Colt cams and for 220 you will be all set.

Re: Look AT This!!! Suspension kit Price!

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now this ricer thing is an addiction… :slight_smile: