Looking for some pics of the 3pc spoiler??

Ive been looking for them forever along with wanting to buy one.
Its the one where theres 2 side psices where one has a while for the antenna to come through??
Anyone got pics of any and know where i can buy one???

if this is the one your talking about. its made by wings west, but you won’t be able to get this anymore as it has been discontinued for a while now. they have an updated version of it where it is a bit higher with no middle leg.

only way to get this one is to find a used one or if someone is selling theirs.

this guy has one for sale for $125 on here


spikeymike, thats exactly the one im talking about. That realy sux if ite dicontinued. Got any pics of the updated one??

here you go, imo i think the newer one looks too high.


that looks big, i personally think that the 3 piece spoiler are pretty ugly-that’s tooooooo high

i like these better even though i`m not a big fan of big spoilers…

but the topic at hand is about 3 piece spoilers, not just any in general, or what you think is nice. :hmm: hence the original poster asking about pics of 3 piece spoilers instead of nice looking spoilers.

The WingsWest 3 piece spoiler is prolly the cleanest non OEM spoiler I’ve seen for the 2nd gen. I have one sitting on a shelf in my garage for over 1 year now. I love the fact that its almost factory hight if not exactly. I have this fantasy that one day… they will make a complete lip kit for the 92-93’s , so thats what i’m waiting on…before installing the WW3piece. Good luck on your quest.

Mmm… those wheels are hot… :giggle:

The original 3 piece spoiler is the one in the first pic.

The other 3 piece in the second pic is originally for the 3rd Gen Integras.

On my first teg, I had the 3 piece spoiler molded to the quarter panels…

how do you attach the outside parts of the spoiler? do you need special bonding material? I’ve looked at some of these kits and they don’t have anything under them to screw into the body.