Lost of power in third gear.

I’ve noticed a problem with my 91 teg ls. My third gear seems to be losing power when I’m racing someone and they practically blow by me. I’m not sure what is wrong . Please help.

This isn’t going to get you a response.

What do you mean by loss of power? Do you hear any noises? Does you car hesitate, bog down? What mods do you have? How are you launching? Do you spin through 1-2 and catch 3rd?

my guess is that its the O2 sensor, r u loosing power in any other gear? is it RPM dependent?

if it were tranny related, you would hear either noise, or u would have a hard time getting into/out of gear.

to check o2 sensor, peel back some of insulation coming from the o2 sensor and hook up a voltmeter. have someone in the car, start it and rev it up (while in netural or park) if the readings on the volt meter do not change then the o2 sensor is bad. if they do change (should read between .1v and 1 volt) then the o2 sensor is ok and you’ll have to search for another cause.