lost with transmissions questions

i have an 91 LS and i want to know some suggestions on what to do with the engine. i was thinking of swapping a b16a in but what transmission should i get, what are they called and what would you pick, i dont know **** about trannies, is a GSR tranny good for a b16??? please help

I’ll tell ya this much… ANYTHING will be better than an LS tranny on that B16A… I have an LS tranny on my LS/VTEC with 12:1 compression and all kindsa goodies and it’s pretty quick… much better than before, but in a 1/4-mile I would need something with shorter gears and a bigger final drive. 4.266 just doesn’t cut it.

But I’ve had it turn my JDM gauges all the way back to zero (estimating 160 mph). On the first, and only so far, top end run I’ve done. lol. I got skurred.