loud braking noise...

After I changed my brake pads…my brakes have been squealing really loud everytime I step on it. How can i fix this?

I would get the disc rotors machined.

did you dab the backs of the pads with some good grease?

Gettting your rotors ‘surfaced’ would be the right way to do it, and of course you’ll end up spending money. The quickie way to fix it, is to head to the auto store and pick up some Brake Anti-Squeal compound for a couple of bucks to place on the pads. Remember, the compound is ONLY supposed to go between the pad itself and the metal shim… the sound you hear is the high-pitched vibrations from the pad and the surface it’s touching… the whole idea of the compund is to dampen the vibration, so it doesn’t produce a sound. I’ve tried normal thick grease, and it works pretty well, but the compound is better because it dries to an almost rubbery texture.