Loud Schreeching...

its not the belts, doens’t chnge tone when i rev… only happens while i’m sitting in traffic…i hear it for about 30 sec, then it goes away … i’m thinking its the fan… anyone experienced this …?


i would think its the belts. I’ve just changed belts on my scirocco and it was screeching just the way yours was. When was the last time you changed them?

its not the belts…belt noise go away or change tone when u rev…this is a constant high pitched noise whether @ 750 rpm, or 3500 rpm…

I’m not sure what exactly the noise would be coming from . The best thing I can say is to start off at your house and wait till it starts making that noise. First raise hood and see if you can spot where its coming from. If you have an idea that it’s the fan, see if it is when they come on. If it’s not, then go get yourself the longest screw driver you have. Stick it on the suspect part like your powersteering pump (my first guess) and then put the handle to your ear. It allows you to hear whats happening inside that specific part. After checking everything and your still not sure, my last guess would be timing belt. Posibly the water pump. Give it a shot.

Also, where did you get the image for your screen name. I saw that on a web site many months ago and could never find that image again.

Check your distributor

Does it sound like an espresso machine kind of? Like a squeal? If so it might be your distributor bearing, which if goes out will cause your distributor to seize which means your camshaft will stop spinning which means some bad things are bout to go down underneath your hood. Put your ear up to your distributor, if its coming from that then get it fixed NOW.

i have new timing belt, new water pump, new distributor…can’t be those

did u check the ac pully not the one on the ac compressor but the one that help make it tight.the smaller pully that run with the ac belt. because the braing can get mes up.