loud Squealing

for the past couple weeks ive had a LOUD Squealing noise coming from the engine bay.im thinking it could be a belt or something…anyone might know?? also how do you replace the belts??? is there any DIYs??

most likely its from a belt, but it can also be your axle.

where in your engine bay is it coming from?


cant quite pinpoint it…but i happens when i start the car then i rev it up a few times it goes away…

yep it a belt had that problem before

ok thanks!..now ive changed belts on other cars but how do i change the belt??? is there a DIY?


well first you need to determine which belt it is!

for the power stearing, you loosen the 2 mount bolt and then use the 10 mm bolt at the top to lossen the tension on it

for the altenator, you just lossen the 2 mount bolts for it and use a prybar of somesort to put tesnion on it and tighted them back up

You realy should get a service manual of some kind if you plan on working on your own car, but you could also try the teg tips section for little jobs like this

i dont have ps so it should be the alt belt

thanks! changed the belt and no more squealing!

Good to hear:up:

yup! thanks for the help again