Loud Thumping Noise... PLEASE HELP

heyy… whenever i drive my teggy… and i get on the brake kind of hard there is a loud thumping that goes with how hard i push the brake pedal… i was told its ball joints but I need to verify which ones! i also have a skunk2 upper camber kit if that helps… ANY input would greatly be appreciated! thanks g2ic!

LOL! i got the same problem. everyone that rides in my car is like… WTF??? its not a ball joint its a bushing or loose bolt. just jack up you car and take a look at everything. on da integras cause they are like 20 years old, id replace all the bushings.

Do you hear the thump on takeoff as well? If so, it might be your rear motor mount.

But yeah, just jack up the front and get a pry bar in between the suspension parts and see if they have any play. Check all your bushings for cracks as well…

:(im leaning towards control arm bushings are shot… the car kind of steers itself when i apply the brake kind of hard… and im gunna just change the rear mount for shits and gigs… its just a terrible noise and it’s the loudest when it rains like wtf!

yup i have that too. if you give up then just take it to a shop. or at least have them look at it so they can tell you what it is.