loving the community

Hi I am new to the fourms and just recently got a teg about three months ago traded my 92 prelude s with a f22a1block h23a1head for a 92 gs with a stock b18a1. I live in indiana about 45 mins away from indy and 30 from lafayette and im looking forward to meeting some other g2 owners and possibly coming to some meets. The site is awesome and has some good information that should help me out very soon. Glad to now be apart of it.

You will not be disappointed here. There is endless information and help available. Post pictures of your GS.

Sup wat sup!!! welcome man.

Welcome to the site, a lot of members have been popping up from indiana lately. I live on the ky, Indiana border

Thanks everyone. I have family that lives in kentucky so when I go visit them I might try to find a meet to go to. The GS is kind of rough the guy I got it from rigged stuff up under the hood and a little bit of the interior. When I attempt to insert image it doesnt load or attempt to load at all anyone have a solution?

ImageShack, tinypic…

It’s dirty and has some rust. Hopefully the first thing on my list when I get some money flowing is to get that rust taken care of

I have a black 92 gs also lol, what happened to the hood or is it spacers?

An intake pipe would be a worth while addition…

Not a bad start!

It’s supposed to be spacers the guy used something off the wall to raise it though. They will be gone soon also lol. About that intake pipe well when I went to trade him he didn’t even have a pipe or filter I was pretty pissed off so I took the intake off the lude and it didnt fit so I just threw the filter on it for now to atleast have one. Also more about the car is that when I got it he said it was slammed didnt say how :confused: it was cut springs with 2 coils missing out of each. Fixed that with tokico blues and ebay springs for now. He also deleted ac ps and said that the window only needed a switch to work also said there wasnt any leaks. Well I got it home and tore into the doors to check the windows out of course since it was down about a inch with no way to get it up and came to find out the motor wasnt even bolted to the door and it was held up by a block of wood… Got that fixed still looking for a switch though. Now im trying to figure out what to do about his hack job of just removing the ac compressor and ps pump but leaving the condenser, lines etc… Also he said he bypassed map sensor and something else on the intake and left some of the places the vacuum hoses connect to the throttle body(no clue what they are called pretty sure they go to vacuum hoses please correct me if im wrong!) with nothing on them and the other day it stormed pretty bad and I could swim in my passenger floor board :frowning: I have quite a bit to make up for.

The reason I bought a 90% stock integra, Fuck that shit would drive me crazy

^^ I should of lol. I wasnt expecting it to be hacked like that and I’ve wanted a integra since before I came across the prelude. My first car was a 1969 cutlass 442 that needed a ton of work ran very well but I might as well of been flinstoning it because of how bad the body was. Then I wanted a integra and couldn’t find anyone to trade and decided I’d settle for the prelude. I really liked my prelude but was having problems and chose to part with it so I put it on CL and this was the only integra I was offered and I took it not worrying about the hacked stuff under the hood because I thought all the rust was just surface rust but behind the driver door on the under side of the car theres a hole and I couldn’t see under it because of how low it was :vomit: but I am determined to bring it back to or close to mint condition.

sounds like the 91 GS I bought LOL. be patient and it will come together :slight_smile: once it does you will enjoy it thoroughly.

Love the black car with red valve cover LOL… looks like mine :burnout: