Low Compression JDM B20B burning oil, PCV?

Hello, everyone. Before I get shot down with search comments, I have searched in my spare time for hours on end for a clear cut answer to this, and I just need some clarification from someone who knows what they’re doing. No speculation from bystanders, here, just those who know what they’re doing, please.

So in February, I swapped the old-ass POS B18A1 for a low comp JDM B20B from HMO. The swap went fine, using all OEM parts, I had the timing belt replaced, tensioner, gaskets, etc, and the engine was fine from day one. No running or idling problems except for a surging idle, which was solved (I think, because I was inside the car at the time) by blocking off a breather tube.

The only problem with the swap is that we used the old LS intake manifold and valve cover, and thus had no way of running a PCV. I was warned on several forums of oil consumption due to positive crankcase pressure causing blowby in the combustion chamber. I’m sick of having to put oil in my car, or being surprised with an oil light that flashes at me occasionally (if I forget to check it every freakin day. :rant:). I drive it hard, so the oil consumption is roughly a quart or so every 500 miles or so, worse if I use synthetic oils.

How do I utilize a PCV setup? I’ve read that I need to use the B20B’s valve cover and hook up the factory system, but I have no idea how to do any of that, because I handed the swap off while I was working ~60-70 hours a week. He’s a master Acura mechanic and a good friend, but I can’t remember what issues we has with using the B20B VC. (Maybe it was a hole in the VC that couldn’t be plugged or part of the PCV on a B20 that was missing, search me.) I can take pics if necessary, but I’m finally creating a thread for help.